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Phil Oxrud

My name is Phil Oxrud, I am a "full stack" web dev currently residing in Toronto, Canada. I am a strong believer in always using the best tool for the job. In recent years I have been developing in Ruby on Rails and am now exploring the world of NodeJS and AngularJS. I enjoy both backend and frontend development.

Here are some of my recent projects:

The only free cottage vacation property rental database in Canada. Offering complex search capabilities and an easy to use configuration dashboard.

Technologies used: Rails, CoffeeScript, SCSS, HAML, postgresql. Chef and Capistrano for setup and deployment.

Hosted on: DigitalOcean (referral link).

Toronto "Green P Parking" spot locator for mobile phones. With the help of HTML5 utilizes a phone's GPS coordinates to locate the nearest Green P parking location. Works with all recent smart phones, including iOS and Android.

Technologies used: JQuery Mobile, HTML5 geolocation, JS, Sinatra.

Hosted on: heroku